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  1. Steph Smith – showed me the power of compounding and consistent execution.
  2. Patrick Frank – revealed how pendulum shifts characterize all industries and how a shift towards individual creators will characterize media and technology over the next decade.
  3. Justin Murphy – taught me how internet mechanics work and showed me the value of protecting your art from your work.
  4. Yash Godiwala – embodies a hustler mentality; he showed me how powerful a cold-email can be to create new opportunities for yourself and others.
  5. Hugo Amsellem – the best voice on the creator economy that I know; he gave me the phrase "maximize weirdness" to represent how the internet lets us explore hidden but latent parts of our identities.
  6. Samay Shamdasani
  7. Sudarshan Sridharan
  8. Wade Fletcher
  9. Courtland Allen
  10. Mubashar Iqbal
  11. Mike Baxter
  12. Anush Mittal
  13. Rahul Rana
  14. Garrett Maring
  15. Leo Guinan
  16. Jasman Singh
  17. Daniel Vassallo
  18. Nikolas Huebecker
  19. Andrew Roberts
  20. Alex Masmej
  21. Kiran Cherukuri
  22. Jerry Feng
  23. Praneet Kedari
  24. Jack Nasjaq
  25. Dival Banerjee
  26. Sameer Kapur