Update on the book writing process!

Last weekend, I spoke to Rahul Rana and he helped me focus the book on the idea I've been dancing around this entire time.

Whether it was my interview with Justin Murphy about becoming an independent intellectual, or talking to Steph Smith about how she redesigned her life, what I was most interested in was how people could live their lives on their own terms.

My previous premise of exploring how people are pursuing financial independence online is a subtopic of the larger idea I'm interested in. As my paradigm shifted, these are the questions that I thought about.

❓How can we design a life around the things we value?
❓How can we center our lives around freedom and independence?
❓What does it mean to take control of our time?

I updated my title to "Unchained" to evoke the idea of human beings breaking free of fortune and circumstance. I thought about how Nathan H. Leung left the University of Michigan to prioritize his well-being, and how Yash Godiwala created his own job at The Hype Advisor and later FION.

Finally, I opened a blank page and started typing.