I think about time, death, and living with presence often and find writing is the best way to marshal my thoughts. This blog offers me an incentive to articulate my ideas, and it is my commitment to creation over consumption.

on whatever sphere of being the mind of man may be intent at the time of death

T.S. Eliot, Dry Salvages, Four Quartets

This quote is about making the most of our time. As I talk about here, I hope to spend my time doing things I value. Writing these posts gives me that opportunity, so that I “may be intent” at my time of death.

Time Line for Context

  • 2001: born in Massachusetts
  • 2005: meet younger brother for the first time
  • 2006: start karate
  • 2007: start playing guitar
  • 2011: see Meghana for the first time
  • 2012: start playing soccer
  • 2015: enroll at Groton School
  • 2017: visit India for my grandparents fiftieth wedding anniversary
  • 2018: visit Thailand, England, and Ireland to volunteer and play soccer
  • 2019: enroll at Georgia Tech
  • 2020: meet Rosie for the first time, create this website, and start a podcast
  • 2021: start working at BLISSWAY

About Me

I'm Ambitiously Focused on Creating

In August of 2020, something changed for me. I became all output. I started this website, launched my podcast, created an app, and began my book journey.

These things are what I want to center my life around. I live with discipline of anti-discipline; I remove everything from my life that's extraneous, so that creation can expand to fill the vacuum.

At the age of 13, I decided that I'd failed become good at anything. What I've learned is that continuous growth matters more than any one snapshot in time. I've found something that I want to everyday for the rest of my life. I hope this website outlives me.

I connect with those people who scrape the inner linings of their soul to create honest reflections of themselves. I don't connect with people who view life as a sequence of linear stepping stones.

I can't hang out for long periods of time; it's too draining. I need it to be quiet.

My Life Philosophy

I put myself in situations where I feel most alive. If I don't feel comfortable being myself, I'll walk away.

I've learned to embrace death as one of life's fundamental duties. Sometime around the year 2090, I'll leave. I didn't exist for the first 14 billion years of the universe so I think I can handle not being around for what comes after. Now, I view every day as a rebirth. After reading Seneca's Letters from a Stoic, I tell myself the same sentence before I go to bed.

I have lived; I have completed now the course fortune long ago allotted for me.


Even though I live my life around the same fundamental principles, I maximize serendipity. I drop everything to disappear down a rabbit-hole when inspiration strikes.

More About Me

  • I love boredom. I daydream. I walk and stare at the ground. I do nothing.
  • I'm risk-averse. I joined a startup because I thought it was too risky to work for a big company. I write here, because I thought it was too risky give up control of my content.
  • I do the same things everyday. Writing, reading, and exercise.
  • I love my family. I've always liked spending time with my parents, which seemed uncommon to me growing up.
  • I secretly think my little brother is cooler than me. I didn't bold this sentence so you'd skip it.
  • I hate politics. I think politics is best left to professionals; I abstain from any discussions about the comparative superiority of political ideologies.
  • I like talking. One-on-one or maybe with a group of a three or four friends. Any bigger than that I consider a big group, and big groups are evil.