Recently, every night before I go to bed I go on Youtube. I know, not the best habit to cultivate. But I’ve found the most amazing community of learners, content creators, and inspiring creatives on Youtube. These people expose me to new ideas, and the beautiful thing about human beings is ideas all take root and manifest uniquely in our minds.

Daniel Bourke is a fitness enthusiast and machine learning engineer who lives in Melbourne. On his Youtube channel, he said he's had a “poke in his side that always wanted to make things.” If you’re like me, this sentence sounds familiar.

This novel coronavirus has forced people indoors and exacerbated the time we spend consuming media; we now spend more time on Netflix, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Bourke believes, as I have come to believe, that there is a problem when the balance between consuming and creating goes too “out of proportion.” When consumption supplants creation.

I have always loved writing, and when I was in middle-school I would often tell my parents that I planned to become an author. My attendence at Georgia Tech last fall filled my schedule with STEM classes that asked me to think analytically, but never once demanded my aesthetic or lyrical sensibilities. I want to start this blog to focus on something I deeply value; the practice of writing to marshal and refine my own thoughts.

All of this explanation is my long way of saying, this blog is my commitment to creation over consumption.

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