Before I wrote this post, I kept thinking that after my parents pass away there will be no one who'll call me by my real name anymore. While I fear coming across as overbearing, I fear the erasure of my identity far more.

I have a confession to make. On the first day of high school, when I introduced myself as "Rajit," one girl said: "I'm going to call you Raj." After that I introduced myself to everyone as Raj. It was easier.

Now, when I hear people say "Raj" I have to remind myself they're talking to me. When I see my contact information in people's phones and they've saved it as "Raj," I feel as if they've castrated my name.

My name is Rajit. It means brilliance like the illumination of a star. I know people will take time to adjust, but at least now they'll know what it feels like to call me by my real name.